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Emily/Glitter Lucky(No Color) by DorkPrincess4321 Emily/Glitter Lucky(No Color) :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 0 0 Candy Vs. Candy by DorkPrincess4321 Candy Vs. Candy :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 0 0 Pop-Up Book by DorkPrincess4321 Pop-Up Book :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 0 0 Draw the Squad Like This! by DorkPrincess4321 Draw the Squad Like This! :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 3 0 Green Cures by DorkPrincess4321 Green Cures :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 1 1 Smile/Glitter Pact! by DorkPrincess4321 Smile/Glitter Pact! :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 0 2 Have Fun Sleeping Tonight! by DorkPrincess4321 Have Fun Sleeping Tonight! :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 0 1 A Work in Progress  by DorkPrincess4321 A Work in Progress :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 1 0 My First Impression of The Emoji Movie by DorkPrincess4321 My First Impression of The Emoji Movie :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 1 0 Miriko by DorkPrincess4321 Miriko :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 2 0 Taken Toon by DorkPrincess4321 Taken Toon :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 3 0
Village(Lifeboat Starlight Glimmer Version)
I ran a whole town,
Where the ponies lived equal,
In the middle of nowhere,
And nowhere we stayed…
The tiniest village,
Full of ponies I strayed.
Dull, eerily smiling,
The whole place smelled desperate,
I had them all brainwashed,
I made them that way…
The tiniest village,
Where I made them all stay.
They all became zombies!
They all were my pawns!
I distorted their thinking and controlled their minds!
I stole every mark, but I kept my own,
And forced them all to abide!
I destroyed destiny,
And went mad with power,
Soon, I left them betrayed…
The tiniest village,
That was under my sway…
The tiniest village…
That I drove…
:icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 2 0
The Nightmare In Me by DorkPrincess4321 The Nightmare In Me :icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 1 0
Congratulations(Steven Version)
Hello, Steven.

You have invented a new kind of stupid,
A damage you can never undo kind of stupid,
An open all the cages in the zoo kind of stupid.
Seriously? You didn't think this through? Kind of stupid!
Let's review,
You took two gems almost as valued as you,
Reprimanded them for something bad they tried to do,
Then punished them by doing that same bad thing too!
So scared of what your enemies will do to you,
You're the only enemy you ever seem to lose to.
Now I know why Diamonds can do what they want,
Unlike you, they dignify the ones they love with a response!
So yeah, Congratulations!
You've redefined my legacy,
It was an act of heroic sacrifice!
Dad languishes in a loveless life in his van,
Pearl lives only for me,
Amethyst has lost her favorite shoulder to cry on,
And Garnet always compares me.
I hear them wipe the tears of the years away,
But now that
:icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 1 0
What's the Use of Feeling, Frisk?(Chara and Souls)
Aa-aa-ah, aa-aa-ah,
Aa-aa-ah, aa-aa-ah,
Why do you want to leave here?
What isn't there to see here
That shows you it's not worth the risk?
Oh, tell me, what's the use of feeling, Frisk?
Why do you want to escape the
Monsters who have saved us?!
Why do you still want to do this?
Oh, tell me, what's the use of feeling, Frisk?
The Guard, it has a use, it can go and fight a war,
The King, he has a use, he can tell you what it's for,
A sentry terrifies, a guardian keeps you alive!
But you know it isn't worth it, Frisk! You've shown you can't endure it, Frisk!
Yes, of course we still love them, that's why we're always thinking of them,
But you need to learn when to quit!
Oh, tell me,
what's the use of feeling, what's the use of feeling, what's the use of feeling, Frisk?
How can you stand to be here with it all?
Here with it all?
Drowning in all this regret,
Wouldn't you rathe
:icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 1 0
No Bad Deed(No Good Deed Sans Version)
Rewind the time, turn back the clock, for once, I beg you, reset,
Rewind the time, turn back the clock, for once, I beg you, reset…
May their dust not be spread, may their blood leave no stain,
Though they stab them, let them feel no pain!
May their bones never break, and however they try
To destroy them, let them never die!
Let them never die!
Rewind the time, turn back the clock, for once, I beg you, reset,
Rewind the time, turn back the clock, for once, I beg you…I beg…UGH!!!
What good is this praying? I don't even think it's working!
I don't even know what trick I ought to try…
Kid, where are you?!
Already out and slaying,
One more disaster I can add to my effortless supply!
No bad deed goes unpunished,
No act of cruelty goes unresented,
No bad deed goes unpunished,
That's my new creed.
My road of laziness has led where such roads always lead!
No bad deed goes unpunished…
:icondorkprincess4321:DorkPrincess4321 2 0


Dance Magic by charlieXe Dance Magic :iconcharliexe:charlieXe 167 12 Metamofosis Magica by Shinta-Girl Metamofosis Magica :iconshinta-girl:Shinta-Girl 273 63 Inversion RD-SL by uotapo Inversion RD-SL :iconuotapo:uotapo 1,732 134 AU - Mane 6 by StellarDusk AU - Mane 6 :iconstellardusk:StellarDusk 52 3 Dancerverse - Princess Moondancer by Orin331 Dancerverse - Princess Moondancer :iconorin331:Orin331 255 24 [AU] Motocross Rainbow Dash and Apple Jewel by LimeDazzle [AU] Motocross Rainbow Dash and Apple Jewel :iconlimedazzle:LimeDazzle 159 12 PPGZ+RRBZ: Buttercup X Butch by YestherDey PPGZ+RRBZ: Buttercup X Butch :iconyestherdey:YestherDey 610 69 Inversion AJ-AB by uotapo Inversion AJ-AB :iconuotapo:uotapo 2,021 167 Bratt Mac and Pear Butter all is revealed  by alvaxerox Bratt Mac and Pear Butter all is revealed :iconalvaxerox:alvaxerox 61 9 Welcome, Crystal Prep by charlieXe Welcome, Crystal Prep :iconcharliexe:charlieXe 423 18 The Dazzlings by charlieXe The Dazzlings :iconcharliexe:charlieXe 389 19 Lyra Heartstrings - Sweetie Drops by charlieXe Lyra Heartstrings - Sweetie Drops :iconcharliexe:charlieXe 212 23 Trixie and the Illusions by charlieXe Trixie and the Illusions :iconcharliexe:charlieXe 150 7 [ MLP ] Rainbow in Taiwan by Foxmi [ MLP ] Rainbow in Taiwan :iconfoxmi:Foxmi 250 21 Uptown Dr.Wolf by BrogarArts Uptown Dr.Wolf :iconbrogararts:BrogarArts 89 33 Sciset 165: ??????? by Little-Tweenframes Sciset 165: ??????? :iconlittle-tweenframes:Little-Tweenframes 63 9



Emily/Glitter Lucky(No Color)
And here's my interpretation of Glitter Lucky! I'll color it in tomorrow. ;)
Candy Vs. Candy
I like to think of Glitter Force as different from Pretty Cure, so I like to draw the Glitter Force characters differently from their Pretty Cure counterparts. This is my version of Glitter Force Candy compared to the original Candy from Smile Pretty Cure! And a woman's face.:P
Pop-Up Book
This was an art project for my old school, and just when I had no idea what to do for today, I remembered that this existed! Hope you enjoy! 🙂
Draw the Squad Like This!
Yeah, this is less of a fanart, more of a screenshot, but I couldn't resist! ha, i really should've thought this all through better…😞 But still, make this a thing, people! *ahem* Please.
Oh! By the way, this screenshot is from the latest episode of Kirakira Precure A La Mode.
Green Cures
This was what I was planning this whole time! I really wish I did a better job of tracing Nao, but other than that, I feel good about myself for finishing this! One week left until Glitter Force Doki Doki!😆



Made with pride by the DeviantArt community BROWSE ALL ART

(Sigh)…I'm sorry. I am so sorry. I am so, SO sorry. I'm so sorry that this took forever. I have no excuse. I'm just lazy. In hindsight, I probably should have chosen something else to be my first review. I just haven't been in a "Miraculous Ladybug" mood, ya know? Well…now that I'm done apologizing, let's go over the basics!
So, here's how the Impromptu Reviews work;
First, I go over a brief recap of the thing I'm reviewing, so of course, sometimes, there will be spoilers. Then, I discuss my thoughts and feelings about the thing, and finally, I rate the thing out of 10 random things, and then I do the thingy-thing, and then I thing-thing. Now, without further ado, let's start this thingythingthingathing!
Okay, Brief Recap!
Alya is trying to figure out Ladybug's identity again, even though it's BLATANTLY OBVIOUS who she is, and comes to the conclusion that Chloe is Ladybug when she sees her carrying around Ladybug merch. When she tells Nino, he doesn't believe her, so she tries to look in her locker to prove she is right…only to get busted by Chloe, who blackmails the principal into suspending Alya. Alya's all depressed, Hawkmoth's all like, "Well, that's just perfect!" And Akumatizes Alya. Alya is now Lady Wifi, who will stop at nothing to find Ladybug's true identity(Which is still totally obvious, by the way.). She starts by getting revenge on the principal for suspending her by recording him admitting it and then "pausing him" in time. Marinette(Who is the girl that's obviously Ladybug AND Alya's best friend)realizes that Alya is Lady Wifi…by looking at the keychain on her phone. And not her voice. Or her hair.………SO NOW Ladybug and Cat Noir(Both of their identities clear as day)are trying to save Alya from herself, and meanwhile, Lady Wifi figures out that Chloe is, in fact, NOT Ladybug, and is just wearing a costume(I mean, she still looks NOTHING like Marinette.). So, she goes chasing after the REAL Ladybug and Cat Noir in some fancy restaurant(Don't worry, it's closed.). Somehow, Cat Noir gets locked in a freezer and reverts back to Adrien(Who is OBVIOUSLY Marinette's crush), and Ladybug is paralyzed so Lady Wifi can unmask her. However, since the mask is magic, it won't come off. So, instead of removing her earrings, Hawkmoth tells Lady Wifi to unparalyze her so can use her lucky charm so she'll revert back to her true form…ANYWAY! She complies to save Cat Noir, and now, she doesn't have much time before she turns back. So it's up to Cat Noir to stop Lady Wifi. He destroys Wifi's main transport, thus cutting off the signal allowing everyone to watch what's happening. That's when Ladybug finally swoops in, breaks Alya's phone, thus releasing the Akuma(Though, seeing how his ring represents destruction, that should be Cat Noir's job), and saves Alya. After they escape, Cat Noir asks Ladybug to show him her real identity(At least ask her to dinner first, goodness!). She says that even they can't know each other's identities…and he obliges(So close!). The next day, Alya KSNR figures out Cat Noir's obvious identity(Why doesn't anyone care about him, anyway?)and shows Marinette, who denies that Cat Noir and Adrien are the same person…*face-palm*.
Wow, that recap really wasn't that brief, huh? Oops.^-^'
So, I really liked this episode overall. I felt genuinely bad for Alya when she was falsely punished, and Lady Wifi is one of my favorite villains in the show so far. I especially find it romantic and sweet how Adrien agreed to let Ladybug's identity stay a secret to him. It shows how much he loves her, even though it's kinda sad how even though it's so clear who both of them really are, NEITHER OF THEM CAN TELL THAT THE CRUSH THEY'RE CHASING IS THE SAME PERSON THEY KEEP PUSHING BACK AND/OR IGNORING FFUGSENRDIDSCQGKOJXNM--As I was saying, even though this episode was very enjoyable, it was nowhere near perfect. For starters, did I mention how OBVIOUSLY OBVIOUS both superheroes' identities are? I also have no idea how the flop Adrien wound up in a freezer. But that's a nitpick. Let's discuss the stupidest scene in the entire episode, heck, the show as a whole! When Hawkmoth tells Lady Wifi to make Ladybug use her lucky charm. WHY? You could have just told her to remove the earrings and the episode would have been a LOT shorter! No wonder the villains never win! Because they're freaking idiots!
This episode of Miraculous Ladybug has been brought to you by Plot Convenience! Preventing Bad Guys from winning since 1927!
(Pre-Order now to get a free Idiot Stick!)
But, anyway, aside from that, this episode was really good, and I recommend it for anyone who is interested in the series(I mean, it's as explanatory as the first episode. :/). 8 connection bars out of 10!
And that concludes my very first review! Once again, I'm very sorry for taking so long. From now on, I think it's best I get my priorities in order and stop making so many announcements at once! Thank you for being patient and for reading this, and remember, Acceptance Is Bliss.:)


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Samantha Reese
United States
Howdy! I'm the Dork Princess. I'm pretty much an entrepreneur. I do fan art,fanfics,reviews,analysis,and I even make original works. Not to mention,I'm EVERYWHERE in the comment section. So,this is my profile. Hope y'all enjoy my artwork! ;)



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